“Learn like a Champion!
PrACTice like a Champion!
To BE a Champion”

— Principal Cheri Guempel

Project Info

You might not be aware that QMS is a part of our mission focus at WEAG through Henrico County Inter-Faith School partnership. For several years, we have provided school supplies, holiday meals and clothing to in-need children and families through their Guidance Department. Of the 1,100 students at the school, a little over 400 require assistance – many of these are immigrant children that live in our church neighborhood.


9400 Quioccasin Road, 23238


Saturday, August 4, 2018 9am – 1pm


Anyone 8+ years old

Some of What We Will Be Doing

  • Painting four classrooms
  • Sanding/repairing and sealing wooden benches at the track
  • Setting up donated aluminum bleachers at the soccer/baseball field
  • Moving existing benches to the tennis courts
  • Painting new lines on outside blacktop sports courts
  • Building benches and picnic tables for outdoor lunch and class areas
  • Stocking a food and school supply pantries
  • Weeding flower beds – lots of work here
  • Moving and repairing existing planted raised beds
  • Shelving for the food and supply pantry.

Tools Needed

  • Wheelbarrows
  • Shovels and buckets to transport dirt
  • Gardening gloves
  • Paint brushes, rollers, pans and extension poles
  • Wash buckets and brushes for bleachers cleaner
  • Rags for cleaning classrooms
  • Small garden hand tools
  • Sanding blocks for wooden benches and tables
  • Battery-powered sanders for rougher work

100% Griffin

 “Learn like a Champion!
PrACTice like a Champion!
To BE a Champion”

— Pincipal Cheri Guempel

Quioccasin Middle School